Want to Sell My House But Where Do I Start?

Usually a seller will talk to friends and family or their local realtor about wanting to sell a house. Most will advise that you need a Realtor and that you should be prepared to pay a Realtor 6% of the Total Sales Price. For some with a lot of equity, 6% may be a cost that you can afford to pay but for most people 6% plus repairs plus closing costs may add up to a number that exceeds your budget.  Most Realtors will advise a client to make the money move-in ready almost pristine condition in order to sell the house for top dollar-in some situations that may make sense.  For most, having to spend or invest $10,000 or more in updates, plus 6%, plus closing costs and minus what is actually still owed-the sale of the house could be quite challenging.  

In today’s market it may make sense to first talk to a local real estate investor who can just pay cash and close quickly with you having no costs incurred for a Realtor Commissions, or Closing Costs, and any Repairs. The local real estate investors that we will match you with are trained professionals that can educate you and give you 1 to 3 ways to sell a house quickly so that you can sell a house fast and move onward with your next step. 


We Buy Houses in as-is condition and you get a fair cash offer!

In today’s market, a quick fast sale is usually the best option if you would just like to sell now and be done with it.

When sellers sell a house to us, we pay for all the closing costs, repairs, and you pay nothing out of pocket!

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