Need to Sell My House to Buy Another

Most sellers just want to sell their current house to buy another house that meets their new set of needs. Sometimes that could be to upsize or downsize depending on the unique situation. 

Find out what the as-is value is of the home from a local real estate investor because an investor will pay cash, cover all the costs to sell, will not require any repairs to be done prior to closing and the investor can handle everything with a reduced period of time.

Let’s say the houses in your area are selling for $200,000 completing remodeled inside and out. Your house wasn’t or hasn’t been updated to keep up with the latest trends so in order to fetch $200,000.00 after repair value, you looking at having to invest $30,000.00. So now the as-is value of the house is $170,000.00 and then most sellers who need to sell a house in as-is condition are misled into thinking they have to sell a house using a Realtor and being charged an additional 6% which would be $10,200.00 plus closing costs.  The downside is that once you list it you’ll have to wait up to 6-12 months to sell it.  So what is a seller supposed to do if they just want to sell it fast, be done with it and move onward to the next purchase?

Most sellers will contact us and will sell to us because we will show you what is the true as-is value of the house and what our fast cash offer would be for. We can close in as little as 7 hours and up to the date of your choice.

We have become known as the go-to cash buyers who can buy your house in as-is condition so you can skip the waiting game and just sell this house and move onward with you life in as little as 7 hours or up to the date of your choosing. Most sellers are choosing to sell a house quickly with us for this very reason.

We instantly connect you with local cash buying real estate investor who is most familiar with your situation and market. 

The process to sell a house quickly so that you can buy another house fast is super easy. 

Our cash buying investors will schedule a time to meet with you at the property to determine the as-is value. 

Present and discuss with you on-site about 1 to 3 options to consider including a no-obligation fast cash offer. 

They are prepared to contract with you upon acceptance and can arrange a fast closing in as little as 7 hours. 

Call us toll-free at (833) 797-4357

Sellers often will opt for a quick sale because they just need to sell now and move onward with buying another house that best meets their current living needs. 

  • Never pay for any closing costs! 
  • Never pay for any repairs!
  • Never pay for any other liens/taxes/judgments
  • Never pay for any Commissions!
  • Contract and Close Super Fast

Available Add-Ons

  • We can help you with downsizing
  • We can help you with relocation
  • We can help you figure out the next step

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Servicing: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas Markets

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