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We understand that some people behind closed doors may be facing a very serious life-crisis and we would like to hear about that situation. So we can devise a cash or terms offer that may help you sell a house quickly and so we can close fast. Just so you know, we buy houses in as-is condition and take care of all the closing costs, repairs. 

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A Local Real Estate Investor will come meet you in person at the property and thoroughly inspect the condition, listen to your objectives, and will discuss with you on the spot one to three cash or terms offers that may solve your real estate problems, really fast!

Fast Written Offers

We will bring with us local market analysis comparables, photos of the competition and help you determine the as-is value and we will make you a fair cash or terms offer, right on the spot in writing for you to consider all your options. We can close in as little as 7 hours or on the date of your choice!

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We know sometimes during the midnight hours a seller may be needing to talk to a cash buyer. Call us toll-free 24/7 to talk to a local real estate investor at 1-855-503-1008.

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No Closing Costs! No Repairs! No Commissions! Ever!

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 Selling a House Has Never Been So Easy

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Broken Arrow, OK 

Seller was had faced a medical life crisis and recognized they just couldn’t afford the home or make the repairs. They had contact an Real Estate Agent who knew one of us and so we worked with the Agent to buy the house in as-is condition, paid for the closing costs, and closed the deal in as little as 14 days due to the title work delay. 

First we wanted to try to understand the short and long term goals of the Seller

We made a fast cash offer and offered assistance with relocating

We created a win-win scenario

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The seller had leased this property for a few years until the Tenant had damaged the property beyond repair, then the property had major structural issues. The seller just wanted to get out from underneath the existing mortgage with a fast cash offer. We acquired the property with a cash offer and closed the deal within 14 days.

First our Investors wanted to understand the Seller's Situation

Proposed a Fast Cash Solution

Purchased the House for Fast Cash and the Seller sold the home and we covered all the closing costs and the repairs. It closed in as little as 14 days due to the Oklahoma abstracting requirements.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Seller had acquired a duplex package several years ago and they owed back property taxes, high vacancy rate, and just wanted to sell them quickly. We acquired the property for a fast cash offer and quickly closed on the property giving the Seller piece of mind and financial closure. 

First, listened to the Needs of the Seller

Presented the Best and Fastest Cash Offer

We contracted for cash and closed on the package in as little as 90 days

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