Can I still sell my house when they have said that I have Little to No Equity.

Seller often times call us after talking to friends, family and their local agents. Once they discovered that they have little to no equity-sometimes people feel hopeless because they don’t know what is possible.  That is why sellers turn to us when they need a fast house sale. Our highly trained real estate investors know how to solve these types of problems and we can determine why the property may or may not have any equity-work with you to turn it around and in most instance put you back into a position to make money.

Working with one of our local real estate investors who are most familiar with your situation and market conditions is key to turning around a no equity or very little equity situation.

You are not alone and this has unfortunately become a common occurrence in some areas in the midwest!

We specialize in providing one to three options for you to consider that can solve the problems of being able to sell now even if their is no equity or very little equity.

Don’t lose hope, call us toll-free at (833) 797-HELP (4357) and let us give you some options to consider. Just click on the Fast Response Form below and one of our real estate investors will call you in just a few minutes.


Never pay any closing costs with us!

Includes Past Due Property Taxes, Liens, Judgments, Medical Debt, Repos, IRS/State Lines, Etc. in a Fast House Sale.

Never pay for any repairs, we do that!

We can close in as little as 7 hours up to the date of your choice


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