You want a Real Estate Investing home based business.

We know that you do not want a corporate boss and you want the time, family, and financial lifestyle benefits of owning your own business from home. Our licensees run independently and operated businesses, right from their home office.  We don’t dictate when to work, where to work, or what to work on. Instead, we offer a comprehensive training program, resources, guidances, support, and real time mentorship so that you can succeed on your own. 

We guide, support, and mentor our licensees in each territory with ProMentors who have a proven track record within our community for peer-to-peer mentorship and community support.  These people know what it takes and they are there to help you achieve your real estate investing goals by guiding you through specific action steps to move your business forward with day to day steps. We have an online community coach network that is always on standby to assist you everyday-24/7.  Use our supports as much or as little as you need. 

Opening a Just Need to Sell My House Quick Business in Your Area!

You are buying a virtually turnkey real estate investing business system that empowers you to learn up to 30 different strategies so that you can acquire deeply discounted properties to quickly resell for quick profits and strategically build a portfolio of cash flow positive long-term rental properties. You will be a community resource and help other network investors quick flip properties with you, all within your territory for years to decades to come. This is the ultimate opportunity to become wealthy and leave a legacy. 


There is just one simple & straight forward way to launch your Just Need to Sell My House Quick™ Business in your area.


You can now rapidly scale a real estate investment business by growing your assigned territories and leveraging up to 6+ multi-streams of income for rapid success in your area! 

6+ Multi-streams of income advantage

With Just Need to Sell My House Quick™ Full Territory License you not only quick flip properties, or just hold long term cash flow and wealth, you also get to tapped into one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the world of e-courses and mentorship to profit big time!

Full TERRITORY License STARTING AT: $35,000 plus $999/mo

Our Full Licensee Opportunity is for the individual in developing a comprehensive residential and commercial real estate investing business, learning all 30 strategies, and operating their business from their home office typically but has a centralized office space to train and support associated and training licensees. The full licensee is granted marketing rights in their territory, access to tools, software, contracts, support, mentorship, and jump right in into running their own business as the captain of their territory.


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Do you have questions regarding this opportunity? Check out our Testimonials to hear from people just like you who found business success. Be sure to check out the testimonials from the sellers experience with our brand and licensees.  

There are not a lot of opportunities in real estate investments that offer the proven successful business model and support systems that we offer, and we have very strict systems and standards for our licensees to ensure the ongoing success of our outstanding real estate investing business system licensing model.

Each licensee is independently owned and operated. To learn more about any of our outstanding opportunities, visit our FAQ page or contact us by calling  806-855-3842 or by filling out and submitting a contract form.


We are Available 24/7!


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Each licensee is independently owned and operated.  Interested in owning a business system with Just Need to Sell My House Quick™? Call us 806-855-3842 Interested in Selling a Property?


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